Jeffrey Lewis - The last time I did acid I went insane (2001)

Jeffrey Lewis - The last time I did acid I went insane (2001)
I really really like this album. It's fairly standard anti-folk really, but he pulls it off so well, and his voice is kinda really cool. He sprung up in the NY anti-folk scene in the '90s and was popular on the live circuit but this was his first 'real' full length album release. A couple of the songs suck actually, but all the others are fantastic. Oh also it's lo-fi as fuck so don't expect clean production.

IAMX - Spit It Out (2006)

similar artists: placebo, sneaker pimps, robots in disguise.

spit it out was the first single to be released from IAMX's second album, the alternative. IAMX is the solo project of chris corner, formerly of sneaker pimps.


Dirty Three - Cinder (2005)

Dirty Three, as beautiful and melodic as I've ever heard them. Mostly slow and melancholy instrumental music with superb violin, and the artist Cat Power sings on a couple of the tracks. Very highly recommended.


If you like this, try a more experimental side of them here.

IAMX - Nightlife (2007)

similar artists: sneaker pimps, placebo, robots in disguise.

iamx is the solo project of chris corner, formerly of sneaker pimps. nightlife was the second single from his second album the alternative. it was released as a limited edition single which includes two remixes and the single mix of nightlife.


Aphex Twin - Analord 10 (2004)

similar artists: squarepusher, autechre, plaid.

analord is a series of EPs released by richard d james. this, the first of the analord releases, is the only released under the name aphex twin, all the others were released under the name AFX.


Year Of No Light - Nord


Similar Artists: Jesu, Envy, Pelican
Recommended Tracks: Tu As Fait De Moi Un Homme Meilleur, Les Mains De L'Empereur

As our global society is brought closer and closer as a result of the Internet and other lightning fast communicative technologies, the influx and exposure of foreign bands and musicians continues to increase in frequency at an unprecedented rate; one label that has fully embraced this global mixing is Crucial Blast who bring the United States the domestic release of French outfit Year of No Light's Nord. The band is a four-piece ensemble that wholeheartedly dives into the burgeoning territory that groups like Cult of Luna, Envy, Isis, and Jesu consistently traverse, but Year of No Light brings different sounds to the table and a much different vocal style (strangely reminiscent of the second Deadguy vocalist). My friends and I have an ongoing discussion as the proliferation of this particular take on music gets more popular, and normally I side with the notion that imitators are really starting to pop up and offer nothing more than rehashed versions of the real purveyors of the sound. Thankfully, Year of No Light has their own voice to offer and is not a straight imitation.

Breather Resist - Charmer (2004)


Similar Artists: Norma Jean, Converge, Botch
Recommended Tracks: Long Nights Short Fuses, Midas in Reverse, A Social Worker's Nightmare

When the applause came on five seconds into Charmer, the first full length by Louisville's Breather Resist, my heart sank. Charmer is eleven tracks of the good stuff, the huge heavy crush-core ala Norma Jean or a more bluntly bludgeoning Converge. The Converge influence is especially relevant given that Breather Resist recorded Charmer with Kurt Ballou at his God City Studios. Expect a record that sits on the high end of the Richter scale (it could level a small town) but that still has some nasty A Life Once Lost time sig changes. As an added bonus, continuing in the vein of Only In The Morning, Charmer has die cut, mind blowing packaging.

Personal Note: I've never fallen in love with an album so quickly in my life. Download it for me.

Stick To Your Guns - Comes From The Heart (2008)

Stick to Your Guns is a 5 piece hardcore punk/metalcore band from Orange County, California.
They are currently signed to Century Media/Sumerian records. They have released two full-length albums to date. “Comes From The Heart” was released May 13, 2008 through Century Media. They are popular for their songs which feature many group/Crowd participation vocal parts. They are a positive band with very empowering lyrics which could be compared to the band Hatebreed.

Similar Artists: Emmure, Winds of Plague, Liferuiner

Patric Catani - Attitude PC8 (2000)

similar artists: ec8or, christoph de babalon, nic endo.

the german producer released this solo album through digital hardcore recordings back in 2000, a great mix of industrial noise, digital hardcore and electronic music. the release is a bit different than his most known project, ec8or, but not enough to alienate fans of the band.


People Under The Stairs - Fun DMC (2008)

Much awaited album from underground hip-hop heavyweights PUTS. I know this is getting posted everywhere bit it's really good. Thanks to Heaps over at Musical Schizophrenia for the original upload, it's a great blog with loads of dope hip hop on it.  

The Murder City Devils & Botch - Split (1999)

similar artists: meh, it's a split, fuck off.

the murder city devils, one of the greatest bands from the last decade, released this split with mathcore pioneers botch in 1999. the physical release is rare as fuck and now you can listen to it and be cool and stuff. sorry about the crappy picture but it was one of the two i could find.


POST #200!!!

Mungolian Jet Set - Beauty Came to Us in Stone (2006)

Very unique album. Jazzy as hell. Great electronic beats. Melodic piano. Some good vocals. Ambient moments. Recommended.

Sounds like: an experimental mix of elements from Jaga Jazzist, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, and The Cinematic Orchestra. Seriously.

Recommended tracks: "Slaptops" , "Jet Setter"

Ultraviolence - Life of Destructor (1994)

similar artists: lords of acid, atari teenage riot, ec8or.

i never knew much about ultraviolence but i love this record. i used to listen to hardcore motherfucker on repeat during some high school classes, i found them like 8 years ago and i was into ATR and lords of acid when i was into ultraviolence. so there. also, i got this album in FLAC from and converted the mps3s from it, so it's v0. great quality download for all of you.


Set the White Flags on Fire Slowly - Even If The Proletariat Takes The Power Into Its Own Hands, The Spring Will Be Left (2008)

The full title of the album is "Even If The Proletariat Takes The Power Into Its Own Hands, The Spring Will Be Left For Us, And The Aims Of War Will Remain The Aims Of War"

Uhhh, this is a good album. I'm a little tired right now so I'm not going to go into too much detail. It's some pretty noisy post-rock. And it's good. So yeah, download it.

Similar Artists: pg. lost, Followed By Ghosts, September Malevolence


Garbage - Version 2.0 (1998)

similar artists: skunk anansie, the smashing pumpkins, the cardigans.

i love this album. a great pop album from one of the best "alternative" bands from the 90's. hit singles like i think i'm paranoid, push it and special took garbage from being big to fucking huge and one of the best bands of the last decade. garbage also saw their peak in popularity and creativity with this, their second album. if you've never listened to this do it now, you've been missing out on great music; if you have you know you want to listen to it again.

PS. i was so in love with shirley manson when i was 13. so damn hot ;____; i think i still am a bit.


Vashti Bunyan - Just another diamond day (1970)

Really really nice freak folk kinda stuff, but that's like the worst tag ever. Simple child like lyrics, and a beautiful, beautiful voice. Was originally released in 1970, but flopped commercially and didn't get released 'til 2000. She's collaborated with Animal Collective, Devendra Banhart, and many other folk artists.

Trouble Andrew - Trouble Andrew (2007)

Born and raised on the East Coast of Canada in Windsor, Nova Scotia, lil' Trey, age 9, dressed in his mother's over sized hiking boots, wrapped in socks and taped into the bindings of an old snowboard three times his size. He was determined to conquer the slight and icy mountain at Martock, the local ski resort where his mom worked. As fate would have it, Trevor's determination paid off. He is now one of the top-ranking professional snowboarders worldwide, sponsored by industry heavyweights Burton Snowboards, Analog Clothing, Gravis Footwear, and Oakley Optics.

The sound is a blend of synth/programmed beats, and danceable skate and punk rock, drawing from musical influences through out his life. Trevor spent the summer of 2006 in Brooklyn, New York assembling and touring with his band of musicians Ian Longwell, Johny Rodeo, and Joao Salomao.

Recommended tracks: Pimp Millenium, Chase Money
Similar Artists: Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Witchfinder General

This Heat - Deceit (1981)

This Heat were an experimental British rock band widely considered a missing link between (especially ) and such later genres as , , and . They were formed in late-1975 in Brixton, London by multi-instrumentalists Charles Bullen (guitar, clarinet, viola, vocals, tapes), Charles Hayward (percussion, keyboards, vocals, tapes) and Gareth Williams (keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals, tapes). Their music touched on numerous different styles and genres, and was frequently confrontational and politically charged.

Similar Artists: Magma, Unwound, Faust, Wire, Boredoms, The Ex

Broadcast - The Future Crayon (2006)

Broadcast is one of my favorite artists with a female vocalist. Experimental, electronic elements, melodic, some instrumental tracks, and completely euphonic [sic].

Vaguely sounds like: a sedated Gay Against You mixed with The United States of America

Recommended tracks: "Locusts" , "One Hour Empire" , "Unchanging Window/Chord Simple"

Drums & Tuba - Gas Up, Blow Up (2003)

Drums & Tuba doing what they do best with swagger. The guitarist shines a lot more on this record. A couple of experimental ambient tracks included on this one too, and an unexpected last track.

Recommended tracks: "Cairo" , "Zepplin"

Scrabbel - 1909 (2005)

Scrabbel was formed in 1999 by two old high school friends Dan Lee and Becky Barron. On the strength of their debut show in 2000 at a sold out event for the San Francisco Intl’ Asian American Film Festival, they were approached by a label to record a record. They released their first full length in 2001 on Kittridge Records. The music was full of imagination and incorporated unconvential instruments such as a Speak n Spell. The self titled CD was rated 4 out of 5 stars in the All Music Guide and the SF Weekly’s review called it “a Sgt. Pepper’s for the twee set”.

Very cool album. Relaxing and unique. Implements use of clarinet, mandolin, and other instruments. Recommended.

Similar Artists: The Invisible Cities, Super XX Man, Hudson Bell, Scissors for Lefty


All - Allroy's Revenge (1989)

Milo went to college, and ALL was born. Rather than quietly lay down their tools and fade into legend, Bill Stevenson, Stephen Egerton and Karl Alvarez formed an offshoot band from the Descendents called ALL.

Similar Bands: Descendents, Dag Nasty, Ten Foot Pole, Screeching Weasel


Julien-K - Kick The Bass EP (2008)

similar artists: orgy, deadsy, the anix.

a band formed by members of orgy (who seem to be in a indefinite hiatus), julien-k releases kick the bass EP after years of doing absolutely nothing but releasing a couple of tracks with chester bennington from linkin park in soundtracks and touring with mindless self indulgence, my chemical romance and korn. yes, all those names associated with this band make it sound awful for most of you but believe me it is not, that is if you're into synth-rock. julien-k does a great job in a genre that should definitely have more presence in the mainstream.


Menomena - Happiness is Shouting Bingo! (2002)

Menomena has interesting instrumentation, good percussion, and quite a knack for a melodic groove. This album predates I Am the Fun Blame Monster! and is as-of-yet unreleased. A good look at the early experimental formula that Menomena likes to play with: the choppy, surprising drums, liberal saxophone and keyboard use, and lots of shifts in dynamics and mood. There are also very melodic instrumental tracks, alternate live versions of "Cough Coughing" and "Twenty-Cell Revolt" from IAtFBM!, and some very unexpected sounds from them ass well (see: "Sista Social Theme." It's a happy song, to say the least.).

Recommended tracks: "The Ladder" , "Let's All Unite!" , "Posh Isolation"

Boxcutter - Glyphic (2007)

Boxcutter - Glyphic (2007)

A dubstep producer from Northern Ireland.
Pretty much the sole torch-carrier for the Northern Irish dubstep scene, Barry Lynn (aka Boxcutter) makes the kind of lead-heavy missives which share the cross-over appeal of Burial or VEX’D, whilst keeping a foot firmly in the more electronically-founded margins of the genre.

sounds like: Appleblim, Benga, Geiom
recommended tracks: Glyphic, J Dub

El Ten Eleven - These Promises Are Being Videotaped (2008)

similar artists: ratatat, death from above, battles.

read those similar artists, holy shit this is good. drums + bass + effect pedals = mind blown. start listening now, probably will be mentioned as one of 2008's best albums. most people know el ten eleven as a post-rock band but this album is not post-rock. at all. el ten eleven completely changed their sound with this release. and it was a good thing.


VA - Symptomless Coma EP

VA - Symptomless Coma EP
Barcode Recordings hits us again with a hard as fuck release from a few of the top artists in the darkstep scene. Nothing but deep, roaring synths and sick drum programming on this one. Two songs that stand out are B Soul's "Markus", a very industrial song with "metallic" sounds and creeping basslines, and Current Value's "Cybernetics VIP" which is nothing but pure drum programming madness. The intensity Current Value adds to his songs is just something that just an extremely small amount of artists can do. A memorable mention goes to T.Z.A.'s "Fuct" in which he manages to make a mixture of techstep with the 2-step beat and the signature reese synths of darkstep.


Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr - Sour Impressions EP

Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr - Sour Impressions EP

The Chilean Delano teams up with one of Brooklyn's finest to create the most banging minimal techno release of this year so far. "Discoteca Butt" is nothing but pure minimal bliss with Delano and Rohr just loving the signature bleeps and bloops of the minimal sound while having the most fun one can have with the delay effect. On the "Mind Of Its Own" b-side it seems that they release a monster of a synth out of it's cage, wrecking everything in its path, like a monkey with rabies going apeshit, with the signature delay effects fucking things up every now and then and giving you goosebumps all over.

Note: Listen to this one on drugs.


Phil Kieran - Wasps Under A Toy Boat

Phil Kieran - Wasps Under A Toy Boat

Straight out of one of the leading techno labels, Cocoon Recordings, comes one of Phil's best releases so far. With his signature out of place sounds that always give his songs that "lagging behind but in a good way" effect comes this 2-song EP that'll surely make you nod your head in a what the fuck is this kind of way. The real gem on this one is the B-Side titled "Tartan Paint" where he experiments with different basslines, distorting them, timestretching them, chopping them, etc etc until the final product is one groovy techno track.


Krill.minima - Nautica

Krill.minima - Nautica

Beautiful electronic ambient album that makes you feel like you're in some sort of underground cave with water surrounding you. I recommend this one a lot for when you just wanna sit down and chill from all the bullshit you've been getting from the world.


Tarentel - We Move Through Weather (2004)

A very experimental record, from the beginning swathed in background dissonance and lurching along with a plaintive, trance-like percussion, to the minimal and dulcet piano closing, We Move Through Weather is Tarentel's noise and ambient masterpiece, inhabiting both genres simultaneously while creating something wholly unique.


Recommended tracks: "We're the Only Ghosts Here" , "A Cloud No Bigger Than a Man's Hand"

Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites (2005)

similar artists: isis, neurosis, callisto.

the galilean satellites is the 2 cd-2 hour long debut album from rosetta, one of the best post-metal bands out there. just before posting this i read both discs synchronize together, which i didn't know but sounds fucking awesome and i'm going to try right now, it is already a great album, one half more metal, the other more ambient. definitely a must to any post-metal fan.


Superdrag - Regretfully Yours (1996)

A classic from the 90s, Regretfully Yours is good pop rock with a talent for a catchy hook and lots of energy. Although most known for their single "Sucked Out", it doesn't really show the extent of what they can do. The first two songs make a great joint intro to set the mood for the album. Recommended for those who appreciate some great pop rock.

Recommended tracks: "Slot Machine" and "Phaser" , "What if You Don't Fly" , "Garmonbozia"

Euphone - Hashin' It Out (2000)

This is a personal favorite. Hashin' It Out is a unique and varied collection of instrumental songs that are jazzy, funky, ambient, rock-influenced, electronic, and infectiously catchy; all of this with perfect accompaniment on the drums. This is worth checking out for the classic "Shut It" alone.

Very highly recommended.

Get it here.
Recommended tracks: "Shut It" , "My Ladies Can't Remember the Eighties" , "Where's the B?"

Rumah Sakit - Obscured by Clowns (2002)

The indestructible Rumah Sakit's second, and last, full release. This record finds them all over the place, from experimental; to soft and soothing; to a fast, intelligent, and ruthless attack; all of it wrapped up in one astounding package. Long live Rumah Sakit.

Recommended tracks: "German Clock" , "Obscured by Clowns" , "Go Horsey Go (Live)"

The Durutti Column - LC (1981)

The Durutti Column creates a unique blend of ambient and pop. Dreamy guitars and vocals on top of pulsing, rhythmic drums. Highly recommended music from the 80s.

download @ 320 kbps
Recommended tracks: "The Missing Boy" , "Sketch For Dawn I" and "Sketch For Dawn II"

Drums & Tuba - Mostly Ape (2002)

Some additional material from the innovative, tuba-backed trio. A more upbeat record of theirs, and contains one of my favorite tracks from them.

Recommended tracks: "Clashing" , "Brain Laiters" , "Breakfast with Miletus"

Fat Joe - The Elephant in the Room (2008)


Trying to mix it up.

Fat Joe (born Joseph Cartagena on August 19, 1970) is an American rapper. Of Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage, and born and brought up in the Bronx, Joe was popular in the underground hip hop scene during the early and mid-1990s. During this period, Joe was affiliated with KRS-One — there are pictures online at KRS-One’s Temple of Hiphop site showing them drawing graffiti (“bombing”) together. He is also a member of the D.I.T.C.

Similar artists: Nas, DMX, Big Punisher