Amesoeurs - Ruines Humaines (2006)

get it if you like: bethlehem, alcest, the cure.

amesoeurs debut EP. a weird and cool mix of black metal, post-punk and shoegaze. quite listeneable too. full lenght album coming this year.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz! (2009)

get it if you like: bloc party, the strokes.

yeah yeah yeah's third album to be released on april 13th, 2009. i've never been a fan of this band, if it wasn't for that song maps, i'd say i never liked them. well, it's blitz! is the record that finally made me want to listen to them repeatedly. the first single and opening track, zero, is to me the best track they've done so far and overall is a pretty cool album. the only track i didn't really like was dull life. now get it and comment what you think about it.


My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (Remastered 2009)

kevin shield remastered loveless. includes two versions of the remaster, first cd is from the DAT recordings and analogue tapes and cd 2 from just the analogue tapes. the second album sounds way better imo. get it if you already like this album or if it's the first time you'll listen to it. it's worth it.

part 1
part 2

NOTE: those are not links to cd 1 and cd 2. it's a 2 part rar file for the complete double album. you need to download both to get the full release.

Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart (2009)

get it if you like: the knife, fuck buttons.

if i had a heart is the first single from fever's ray debut album which is the knife's karin solo project. includes the album version of the track, and remixes by familjen and fuck buttons.

check out the video for this single, which is fucking amazing.


Lilys - Eccsame the Photon Band (1995)

Lilys, led by singer/songwriter Kurt Heasley, are a notoriously difficult band to categorize. With an ever-evolving lineup, home base, and a sound that swings pendulum-like between My Bloody Valentine-influenced shoegazer and indie guitar pop, the answer to the question, “Who are the Lilys?” depends of the qualifiers of “when” and “where.”
“A Nanny In Manhattan” became a #16 hit in the UK after being used in a 1998 ad campaign for Levi’s jeans.

Cool album, in more than one sense. Recommended.


Download & Comment

Tilly and the Wall - Bottoms of Barrels [UK Edition] (2006)

I downloaded this from earlier and uploaded it to Mediafire as a favor to someone because I was feeling nice. So, I may as well post it here, too. It's pretty good, actually. Anyways....

Get it here.

Lis Er Stille - The Construction of the Amptrain (2006)

get it if you like: mono, maybeshewill, efterklang.

more post-rock. the guitar at times sound like muse to me. cool release, i wanted to post this months ago but the link never showed up on my upload list until recently, i can't even being to understand why. well here it is, get it.


Pocahaunted - Gold Miner's Daughters (2009)

So, last month, I had went out and purchased a cassette deck and a RCA-to-Stereo cable, for the sole purpose of being able to rip this cassette when it came in the mail. I was disappointed later that day when I came home and ordered the tape, and saw that it had made it on to the internet finally. I downloaded it and thought it sucked. There's a reason why. Read on...

Fast-forward to this afternoon. I went to check the mail, and was happy to find a padded envelope from EXBX Tapes. IT FINALLY ARRIVED! So, I ripped it, encoded it, and all that. Then I compared.

The other rip out there is shit. You can especially tell on the last track. It got warped. The tape sounded like it was being stretched out.

My rip is pretty good. Hope you enjoy it.

Get it here.

FLAC available upon request.


FLAC by request:
Part One
Part Two

Sabu Orimo - Susabu (2007)

Sabu Orimo - Susabu (2007)

Thanks go to dustin for finding better album art. Sabu Orimo makes Modern Japanese Classical music using a bamboo flute known as a Shakuhachi. I've heard a few shakuhachi players and seriously this guy is amazing. He has two other albums which I haven't been able to find and are out of print as well, so if anyone knows where I could find them it would be great. The music is kinda chilled at some parts but when he feels like it he fucking goes at this bitch, it's generally instrumental but sometimes he shouts and shit too. Truly spectacular. Also the song name tags look wrong, but they're actually correct.

Euphone - Breaking Parole EP (1998)

The always enjoyable Euphone with more fuckwin music. Jazzy, chilled out little instrumental numbers and great percussion. So much love.

Very highly recommended, as always with this artist.

Get it here.

Lord Infamous - The Man, The Myth, The Legacy (2007)

Lord Infamous (born Ricky Dunigan on November 17, 1975 in Memphis, Tennessee) was a member of the Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia. He also goes by the aliases Scarecrow and Keyser Söze.

One of my favorite modern hip hop albums. Recommended for fans of hip hop.

Recommended Tracks: Parking Lot, The Roll Song, B.O.C

Similar Artists: Three Six Mafia, Brotha Lynch Hung, Project Pat, Juicy J

Download & Comment

Melt-Banana & Dynamite Anna and the Bone Machine Split 7" (2001)

if you like: xbxrx, the locust, ooioo, boredoms.


The December Sound - Silver Album (2007)

get it if you like: sonic youth, boris, the raveonettes.

this is one of the best albums i've heard in a long long time, it's fucking beautiful and harsh, noisy and melodic, warm and cold... i can't really tell you more, download now and fall in love with this amazing band.


Thursday - Common Existence (2009)

get it if you like: thrice, a static lullaby, glassjaw.

thursday's latest full length, common existence, to be released on february 17th. a decent release, far better than their half of the envy split and their previous album, a city by the light divided. the first half of the album is what i guess you can call classic thursday, it has some cool parts and then some forgetable filler. the second half of this album though is when it starts getting really good, again it shows the influence of bands like jesu and envy but this time they manage to take that influence and make it work for them. good album, i liked it.


Wolves in the Throne Room - Malevolent Grain (2009)

This is the best release of one of the black metal bands from the moment. In a beautiful display of ecofeminism, love for the nature and sensibility (while retaining to their grim roots), these guys from Olympia, Washington have crafted an excellent album, which give us an insight of the great future to come. So readers, enjoy ^~^


Tangaroa - One Hand For The Knife, One Hand For The Throat (2008)

Tangaroa - One Hand For The Knife, One Hand For The Throat (2008)

In Maori mythology Tangaroa is the great god of the seas and the son of the sky, Rangi, and the earth, Papa. In reality, Tangaroa is a technical metal band from Leeds and is the son of Meshuggah and the Dillinger Escape Plan. Their debut album, One Hand for the Knife, One Hand for the Throat combines the polyrythmic structures and unrelenting groove of the former with the technical wankery and schizophrenic freak-outs of the latter for an all around entertaining experience.