Roísín Murphy - Overpowered (2007)

i'm going to post one pop album every day for the next week, hope most of you can enjoy quality music. this is roisin murphy's second album, overpowered. she was previously the singer in moloko, a band you all should know if you're over 18. this album is full of amazing synthlines, great hooks and melodies. recommended for anyone into la roux, little boots or lady gaga.

Mansbestfriend - Poly.sci.187 (2007)

This is the first instrumental LP by Tim Holland, aka Sole of Anticon fame. While his rapping is not for everyone, it is hard to deny his ability as a beat maker. POLY.SCI.187 sees him laying politically charged samples on top of Brainfeeder style beats.


The Phenomenal Handclap Band - The Phenomenal Handclap Band (2009)

Funky, soulful music. It is very easy-going and implements use of the organ/synths/bass frequently. When I listen to this music I think of strolling down a sidewalk in a city on a sunny day. Pretty good shit.

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Asian Beets Culture - FC-W1 (????)

ok, so after a long period of hesitation, I finally decided to post this real treat of an album. i got little information about this at all(thus the no year), but I do know that this is what is known to some of you as "library music", which is not for sale or download(unless you are a production company). 99% of library music is amazing, so expect something unique and great. this has a track that adult swim used on one of their bumps btw, and it was the one that sounded, well, asian. this specific collection is of songs that combine trip-hop elements along with ambient tendencies, hip-hop elements and combines it with easter music by using actual asian instruments, no samples. this might not be up for so long, so download quickly. composed and produced by: Mauro Caccialanza; Pandit Dinesh; & Stephen Luscombe.

(yes it says sekretst4sh)

sorry for taking so long, but here is the re-up of track 12

Kidcrash - Snacks (2010)

For anyone familiar with Kidcrash's 2007 album Jokes, you know that this band is something special. Playing a unique variety of hardcore that is just mathy enough to keep you guessing, these gentlemen from Santa Fe are at it again with Snacks. They've upped the production quality and eased back on the throttle, placing more emphasis on the gorgeous low distortion riffs. While decidedly more accessible than Jokes, Snacks is an incredible album loaded with ludicrous amounts of melody, but not lacking in terms of intensity. Fans of emotive hardcore, post-hardcore and screamo should get this like the fucking Fist of the North Star.

Oh, and the band's entire discography can be downloaded at the following link, courtesy of the band. So you know they must be cool guys.

The Knife In Collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock - Tomorrow, In a Year (2010)

new the knife album in collaboration with mt sims and planningtorock, this is an opera based on charles darwin called tomorrow, in a year. this is by far the weirdest the knife album yet. forget silent shout and even karin's solo stuff, fever ray. this is a double album, cd 1 is mostly noise and drone with some opera vocals and a bit knife-ish stuff and cd 2 is a bit more "normal". this rocks, if you're into experimental weird shit, the knife, drone, noise, electro and/or opera you should get this ASAP. and hurry up, i have a feeling this will get deleted soon.

Danger - 9/17 2007 (2010)

Aw shit, 2 posts in a row, and I was just complaining about too many posts the other day. But fuck it, this is DANGER! Love this guy. He definitely seems to be moving more into the Amiga 500 style of music, but it's still spooky and it still sounds sort of like Justice. So good. Get it now.

Four Tet - There Is Love In You (2010)

No-ones posted this yet so I guess I will, it's the latest album from every hipster's favourite minimal electronica/idm/ambient/downtempo artist. Overall it seems more melodious and substantive than his older stuff. Quite good.

Aparatec - Vemeer EP (2007)

Aparatec's music is a unique kind of IDM that is driven by mutated beats/breaks and dramatic synth string arrangements. Aparatec now performs as Rival Consoles.

RIYL: Warp , Ad Noiseam, Merck, etc.

Call the Number on Your Screen Now.

EL-P - 1 800 LAZERFACE (2006)

This is an un-official compilation of remixes done by Def Jux founder El-P, taken from various releases. Remixed artists include Beck, Nine Inch Nails, TV on the Radio, Prefuse 73, Beans, Push Button Objects, and Hangar 18. There are 16 songs here in total.

Hello and Welcome.

Kid Dakota - So Pretty (2002)

Kid Dakota - So Pretty (2002)
The saddest album ever made. Not really dark, not really poignant, not really a tearjerker. Just sad, like reading someone's diary. This deserves to and would be upheld as a classic if anybody bothered to hear it. I could only find one review online (and four Amazon reviews, which unanimously gave 5 stars).

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Bulbs - Light Ships (2008)

Light Ships was the first release on the Freedom To Spend label run by Pete Swanson of the experimental duo Yellow Swans.

This album is a strange blend of several genres, where the aesthetics of minimal techno are combined with under-currents of electronic decay, and a haze of ambient experimentation. This record is simply very strange, and avoids any direct reference to a specific genre. If you like experimental noise, and are into Yellow Swans, White Rainbow, or Fennesz, you should give this a chance.

Light Ships traffics in a screechy, broken sort of electro-acoustic noise, flirting with song structure and formless improvisation.

Get Ready for Edge of Your Seat Excitement.

Imperium Dekadenz - Procella Vadens (2010)

My favorite black metal band returns with their followup to 2007's incredible Dammerung der Szenarien, and does not disappoint. While the songs are not as diverse as on their previous album, every track here is a keeper. Imperium Dekadenz have taken their trademark atmospheric/depressive black metal sound and infused it with a new sense of melody. Make no mistake though, this album is plenty heavy. Black metal purists may scoff at the Agalloch/Alcest moments, but "Procella Vadens" is nevertheless one of the first great metal releases of 2010.

Pictureplane - Dummy Mix (2010)

i'm just posting to see if the twitter feed is working again, hopefully it is. this is a mixtape pictureplane did for called "trancegender", sweet mix with some dancehall, dubstep, lo-fi and shit. mavado's track gyal ben ova is so fucking awesome it's worth getting this for it.

Aktuala - Tappeto Volante (1976)

if there was ever a genre called prog-folk, it is going to have to go to these guys. and not only that, but if there were more, they certainly could not top this as far as this type of folk that is more... "out there" for lack of a better term. you should most certainly expect folk music and not just some guy and his guitar. this even has a song dedicated to john coltrane. yeah, this is really fucking good.

Scythian - Live Vol. 1 (2009)

Scythian is a celtic rock band, but so much more than that. The music that they make can only be described as eclectic. I had the pleasure of seeing them live a few months ago at the Highland Games. The experience was nothing short of being smacked with a paddle of pure musical energy. Their music is very upbeat and will at the very least cause you to tap your foot to the beat. Scythian makes heavy use of the fiddle/harmonica/mandolin/accordion, laying deeply into folk influences. The lads are talented at making happy-go-lucky music, and it would be a shame if you missed this release. That being said, I highly recommend this album.

Also, if you enjoy the album, please leave a comment!

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Katalyst vs. Old Man River - Trustformer (2010)

Chilled out, groovy mixtape that combines many styles, from folk to reggae to Indian to Martin Luther King, while still keeping a great airy vibe the whole way through. It's made by two Australians, a producer and a singer/song-writer, and it's Australia day in a few hours so give this a listen while you fire up a BBQ, drink some beer, and watch cricket.

Edit: The link above seems to have a glitch and there's a 3 minute segment that repeats. It's a direct link from the artist so maybe it's meant to be like that, I don't know. Anyway it was annoying me so here's a copy of the mp3 with the repeated bit removed.

El Perro del Mar - Love is not Pop (2009)

latest release by swedish indie pop act el perro del mar, full of pretty and catchy tunes that will put you in a good mood. recommended for fans of sara berg, bertine zetlitz, robyn, you'll probably even like this if you enjoy cocorosie and/or roisin murphy. this is quality pop yall.

PS. i think i'll post more pop soon. Y/N? (i will anyways)

ZAZA - Cameo EP (2009)

"ZAZA is the name of a Brooklyn trio comprised of Danny Taylor (guitar/vocals/programming) Jennifer Fraser (bass/keyboards) and Kurt Feldman (live percussion)." ok so this is the brooklyn ZAZA, a pretty cool band i listened to a few months ago and then forgot about them, then listened to them again and forgot again. this happened like 4 times then i decided to upload their debut EP. then i forgot i had done that. and here we are, a month later i finally get to post this. it's an awesome band that i feel should be more well-known and actully they might be, i'm not sure... haven't really checked the internet for info about these guys besides their myspace. they're going to be part of SXSW this year so go see them if you're going to be there.

Rival Consoles - The Decadent EP (2007)

is youthful purveyor of intelligent dance music Ryan Lee West, who also has released music through his alter-ego Aparatec. Ryan L. West's Rival Consoles project fuses Aphex-inspired IDM with expansive string ensembles to create his dark and futuristic brand of cinematic electronica.

This is a six song EP featuring a couple bonus tracks including a remix of "Odds & Ends" by Daniel James' one-man-band project, Canon Blue.

You Are Welcomed

Shining - Blackjazz (2010)

this is the norwegian shining, not the swedish black metal band, tho this album has black metal influence mixed with some awesome jazz shit. think of a blackened mr bungle (tho some might disagree, it's what came to mind when i was listening). pretty good for people into metal. worth checking out if you're not.

The Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound - Ekranoplan (2007)

some more delicious psychedelia, more specifically the revival style. now, don't get me wrong, this music is as fresh as ever, but they managed to use some of them most important things from 1960s psychedelia & space rock(unlike most bands) and blended them with their surfy-bluesy style to make some really good music. vocals fit great and don't bother at all, and the space element of this music is very well put forth into this album. think of them like a better version of Radio Moscow(who are great in their own right as well).

Henry Cow - Unrest (1974)

Henry Cow - Unrest (1974)
Henry Cow are an obscure group of old guys that are nonetheless credited as the Godfathers of British Krautrock. I wouldn't have checked them out if one of the band members didn't have the same name as my dad, but I must say this stuff isn't bad. Especially considering the entire latter half of the album is just three or four hours of studio improvisation layered on top of itself. If you are the kind of person who cares what Christgau or Scaruffi think, they both love the record.


Kind of like: Faust, Soft Machine, Neu!

Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle (1979)

another great and influential album, another wiki description since i'm too lazy to think of something to say: "The Pleasure Principle is the third studio album, and debut album under his own name, by electronic music pioneer Gary Numan, released in 1979. Released the same year as Replicas (under the name Tubeway Army), The Pleasure Principle also went to number 1 in the United Kingdom and paved the way to chart success for a string of synthpop acts such as Ultravox, The Human League, Depeche Mode and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark."

this album features classics metal and cars, yall.

Seven That Spells - Black Om Rising (2007)

really fucking good experimental-psychedelic-space-rock that is not only creative but highly energetic. this was definitely one of the more "fresh" releases of the past decade and manages to be creative without giving up too much. also, awesome cover is awesome.

Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade (1984)

i am a very lazy person. from wikipedia: "Zen Arcade is the third studio album from the American punk rock band Hüsker Dü, released in July 1984 on SST Records. Originally released as a double album on two vinyl LPs, Zen Arcade is a concept album about an adolescent who runs away because his home life is unfulfilling, only to find the world outside is even worse. The album incorporates elements of jazz, psychedelia, acoustic folk, pop, and piano interludes, concepts previously unheard of in the world of hardcore punk."

this is a must have for any music fan.

The Sawtooth Grin - Pervavor (2005)


Hey doods.

Do you remember the other The Sawtooth Grin album I uploaded?
Tight, technical, mathgrind with a 9 year old screaming into an Xbox Live Headset.

Regardless, I liked it. Same idea here, but the vocals are more drown out making the band's musicianship easier to appreciate.

Silver Bullets - Free Radical (2009)

Magnificent, infectious, tambourine-heavy drone/kraut/psych from Italy. Stunned Records have a real knack for finding fuzzed out psych rock from around the globe and Silver Bullets are no exception.

Free. Radical.

The Drones - Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By (2005)

Awesome band from Australia, I don't really know how to describe the music so I'll just say it's like The Mars Volta crossed with The Black Keys and hope no-one calls me out on that. Also the album has one of the best names I've ever seen.

Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise (2010) got it pretty good: "Pantha du Prince, also known as Hendrik Weber, is a minimal artist signed to Rough Trade Records. His music is often characterised by a hypnotic, intricate combination of melodic chimes and dark, heavy techno beats, but does not confine itself to a single sound or strain of minimal techno. Arrangements are lush and textural, energising yet melancholy; a plethora of sounds and ideas unified by a consistent underlying tech-house beat. dreaming music"

pretty good kind of dark chill music.

Bottom of the Hudson - The Omaha Record (2003)

Really solid indie rock album from Charlottesville, VA band Bottom of the Hudson. Definitely get this if you're into indie rock. Please leave a comment.

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Messer Chups - Heretic Chanel (2009)

Gitarkin & Zombie Girl, on tours Denis "Kashey" Kuptzov from Leningrad helps with drums. Few vocals and full samples from vampire movies.
From their "Messer Chups combine love of theremin, surf rock, lounge and original tidbits that result in an outstanding collage of music filled with images of bright colors , zipper zuited aliens, cheap flying saucers, and racy women in tiny costumes. One of Russia’s young and gifted modern electronica rockbands."

Atlantis - San Diablo EP (2010)

cats and kittens, chicks and dudes!! a looooong time ago i posted an album by atlantis i'm sure not a lot of people got since the blog was young and whatever, that album was a mix of electronic music, post-rock and post-metal that worked pretty fucking well (go get it). this new EP sounds like alternate reality nine inch nails when trent reznor stopped singing and they kept their fragile-era style. yet somehow this still sounds like atlantis' album. shit's fucking GOOD. highly recommended to every bro and gal into electronic, industrial rock, post-rock and good music.

Bobcrane - His Mighty Hurricane Machine (2007)

Bobcrane is one of Ryan Huber’s three solo vehicles, the others being the soft/loud, guitar-bass-drums modal vibe of Vopat, and the industrial post-rock of Olekranon.

On this album, ambient noise drones, ominous guitars, and various effects linger over top of rhythmic, mechanized electronic beats.

Keep your pants on.

Alan Watts - This Is It (1962)

mostly considered to be the first true psychedelic album, it is no surprise that someone such as alan watts would be the one to create it. this is psychedelia to the truest sense of the word, and even stands strong against modern psych attempts. really fine work and a must have for any fans of psychedelia.

Nova Robotics - EP3 (2009)

Electronic post-rock from the UK, with an emphasis on electronica. Layered cinematic guitars and digitally manipulated beats.

RIYL: Pivot, Hood, 65daysofstatic

EL-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixx2 (2008)

Over 90- minutes of sad, sad music scraped off the inside of el-p's black heart.

This is a limited edition tour only cd that features 15 previously unheard instrumentals, b-sides, and new songs. For sale during the 'Ill Sleep When You're Dead' tour. If you like his albums or his work as a producer, don't skip this. It is a great collection from beginning to end, and much, much better than the first 'burninhell' megamix. This stands up next to both of his albums, although he only raps on about 5 of the 15 songs. Track 16 is a 20+ minute track featuring remixes of jay-z and the doors, among others.

See you in hell, bitch!

Lymbyc Systym - Live Kin (2003)

Although brimming with quality as one would expect from Lymbyc Systym, this is mostly unlike anything else you've heard from them. Live Kin is an unbridled instrumental jazz/funk whirlwind, with spots of ambient, rock, a blues flourish, and even a scatting beatbox outburst.

Get this now.

Vibes - Psychic 7" (2009)

massive collab made up of members from robedoor, pocahaunted, magic lantern and fantastic ego. this Not Not Fun all-star group released a fuckin kick AZZ 7" with 4 gritty, lo-fi, crunchy, fuzzy, wahwahlicious funk songs. don't sleep on this shit yo!

Markey Funk - (Forgot the Word) (2009)

Beats from on high. Diversity of sounds and styles, with hip hop, eastern influences, chilled out horns, some guitar, etc. Grooviness bursting from the seams.

Recommended tracks: Japanese Fonts , Light , Dawn , Five Minutes

If you like this, you might like: Blockhead , James Pants , this post

Get your groove on.

Steroid Maximus - Ectopia (2002)

J.G. Thirlwell is an interesting fellow. He got his start in the 80's as the industrial musician known as Foetus, but these days, most have become familiar with his music through The Venture Bros (you know the badass opening and closing themes? Yeah, that's him). His work under the moniker Steroid Maximus is more akin to the music he's composed for Venture Bros, containing none of the anger and misanthropy found in his Foetus-era albums. Rather, "Ectopia" is the soundtrack to a spy movie never made: one inside Thirlwell's imagination. Exotic percussion and wailing trumpets conjure images of frantic chases through crowded streets; eerie, distorted choirs tell tales of deception and betrayal; it's a truly cinematic album. I'm not even sure if that's a pun or not.

Bästard - Radiant, Discharged, Crossed-Off (1996)

If you like Slint, Three Mile Pilot, or Enablers, make sure you listen to this. Vocals occasionally appear, but this album spends most of it's time experimenting with instrumental post-rock textures. I can't recommend this enough, just give it a shot b/c IT'S REALLY GOOD.

Let there be post-rock.

True Widow - True Widow (2008)

Band from Austin, TX, featuring Slowride’s former lead vocalist Dan Phillips on guitar and vocals, Nicole Estill on bass and vocals, and Timothy Starks on drums. This is their 2008 debut.

They make dark and heavy indie rock with slow rising guitar riffs, stoned monotone vocals, and a powerful, insistent rhythm section.


The British Expeditionary Force - Chapter One: A Long Way From Home (2007)

Continuing the theme of anticipation for upcoming 2010 releases, I wanted to share this mini-album from 2007. This is the digital version of the album featuring an extra track and a remix by labelmate Rival Consoles. Chapters Two and Three are expected to come out early this year on Erased Tapes.

Their sound falls somewhere between the Notwist and Low. A great album for the winter and late nights. Incorporating electronics, engaging melodies, and moving vocals, they've created a slow-core electronic mini-masterpiece, that culminates in the pièce de résistance that is the title track, A Long Way From Home. myspace

*band features Justin Lockey of yourcodenameis:milo and singer Aid Burrows of My Architects.


Gotan Project - La Revancha del Tango (2001)

another post of stuff i'm re-discovering. gotan project is a fucking awesome band and i seem to have luck on my side or some shit because they're releasing a new album in april, again, like robyn, get this and get used to the awesomeness and let the hype begin.

more info from "Gotan Project is a musical group based in Paris, consisting of musicians Philippe Cohen Solal (French), Eduardo Makaroff (Argentine) and Christoph H. Müller (Swiss, former member of Touch el Arab). They formed in 1999. Their first release was Vuelvo Al Sur/El Capitalismo Foráneo in 2000, followed by the album La revancha del tango in 2001. Their music is clearly tango, but also uses electronic elements such as samples, beats and breaks."