Max Tannone - Mos Dub (2010)

It's been a while since anyone posted anything so I'll take the opportunity to post another mashup album. This one is Mos Def mixed with various reggae and dub tracks. It's made by the guy that did Jaydiohead so the production is pretty top-notch and the mixes work well together. I liked it.

Eric's Trip - Love Tara (1993)

one of the first grunge albums to be released in the us from a non-us band, and a good one. while it is not as innovative as other releases, love tara stands out for how well it seems to have been put together. with everything from acoustic classics to stereo manipulation, this album is a sure treat for any of those who enjoy the folky-grungy sound. don't really have a lot to say, so just download goddamn

Bottom of the Hudson - Holiday Machine (2005)

Another completely amazing audio treasure by the band Bottom of the Hudson. Being a rabid fanboy I can't help but express how much I enjoy this EP. At only 6 songs, this record is a bit more shoegazey/atmospheric than the previous album of theirs that I've posted on this blog.

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The Dø-A Mouthful (2008)

A nice little gem of an album, a bit more 'pop' than my usual tastes-sweet female vocals & a good range of styles wrapped together in one album. The sound ranges from standard indie fair to so just plain weird in some spots, give it a shot.


Teengirl Fantasy - CD-R (2009)

This is another late post, but still worth being posted for the large amount of you who missed it. Teengirl Fantasy is an electronic music group that plays a strange blend of techno, IDM, and samples from certain popular songs like "Throw Some D's on That" and "Is You Rollin'?" It's pretty accessible stuff. It's not exactly dance music, but it isn't exactly easy-listening either. It's rather enjoyable I think. You should check it out.

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We Are The World - Clay Stones (2010)

Time for a change of pace for me. We Are The World is techno. I don't normally listen to techno, but this group straddles the fence. Very funked up stuff. Female vocals for most of the songs. Definitely energetic. Check it out.

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Themselves - The Free Houdini (2009)

I may be a bit late on this one, but Themselves is a collaboration of hip-hop artists Dose One and Jel. I needn't say much else. If you know Anticon, then you probably have some idea of what to expect. Check it out.

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Vaz-Demonstrations In Micronesia (2003)

A kick ass rock record. These two dudes were originally in the awesome 90's AMREP noise-rock band Hammerhead.
I think this band is much better, but most people who grew up listening to them would kill me for saying that. Enjoy.


Ólafur Arnalds - "...and they have escaped the weight of darkness" (2010)

Newest album from Arnalds, worth a download and worth buying too, if you're into that sort of thing. It comes out next month, so go check the erased tapes store if you're interested.


Merzbow - Graft (2010)

Merzbow - Graft (2010)
Brand new, limited edition, vinyl-only release from your favorite middle-aged Asian man. If you're a fan, you'll notice this release is much more subdued than is usual for him. If you haven't heard a lot of Merzbow, it will just sound like the same PSSSHHHHRTRTRTRTRTSHHHHHKKKAAAASHSHSHSSHTSHTSHTHSSK


Bangs - Hard To Be Up (2009)

Bangs - Hard To Be Up (2009)

yeah, your boy bangs. this post dedicated to all the ladies out there who like to go to da movies,specially you girl

bangs is a hip hop artist in australia by way of sudan. he was noticed last year for his break through single 'take u to da movies' and released an album full of bangers (and some emotional songs) at the tail end of 09, which i slept on until now. give this shit a listen niggaz.

Soul Position - Things Go Better with RJ and Al (2006)

Soul Position is RJD2 on beats and Blueprint on rhymes. If recent hip-hop posts haven't been your cup of tea then this might help out a bit. It's not all gold but there is definitely enough in here to make it worth the download, if only to hear about someone rap about mobile phone plans and getting arrested because you forgot your keys after you shot someone. If you like The Roots or The Pharcyde or Aesop Rock (or of course RJD2) then you will probably like this.

65daysofstatic - We Were Exploding Anyway (2010)

ok. fine.
I'll be the first one to post something after this mess JC made. Does anyone else think this layout is an eyesore?
Having pushed instrumental guitar music through textural and tempo barriers for three albums before this one, 65daysofstatic have now reeled in the complexity and instead emphasized volume and dynamics. We Were Exploding Anyway seems to dispense with the subtlety and glitch-laden rock of yore, replacing it with the kind of cavern-defying hooks that The Prodigy, or even drum’n’bass goons Pendulum, could hinge their entire careers on.
Now go smoke some pot, ya dope fiends.

Quetzolcoatl - Where Are We Going Sister (2006)

the blog is going back to normal in a couple of days, with a new design and stuff maybe. be patient, don't be faggots like that guy scott. good times ahead bros and fembros.

while you patiently wait listen to this drone album in the dark with your eyes closed.

Lil Wayne - No Ceilings (2009)

wayne's last mixtape before the release of rebirth and his stunt in prison. he'll be in jail all of 2010 but his music lives on through this blog and in all of your hearts. this is pure talent.

PS. that's all the weezy i have! if anyone has the bootleg mixtapes and the singles please post them. help is really appreciated.

Weezy Mashup Mix

Sure, we all love Weezy, but have you ever been listening to him and thought to yourself "You know what, this could use a bit of jj/Royksopp/Kelly Clarkson/Outkast/Daft Punk/deadmau5/Stevie Wonder/The Cure/QotSA/Bloody Beetroots/Bob Marley/Lion King/Weezer/Blink 182"? I know I have! That's why I've made up this collection of the best 15 tracks from my 1000+ collection of Lil' Wayne mashup MP3s.

Bruce Willis - Classic Bruce Willis: The Universal Masters Collection (2001)

Normally I don't post Best Of's but I'll make the exception for this guy. Truly a master, this album deserves pride of place in any serious album collection. Although Bruce is best known for his impressive vocal talents, a little known fact is that he also has an acting career, and has appeared on films such as Blind Date, Look Who's Talking, and Look Who's Talking Too.

Lil' Wayne - A Milli (2008)

Lil' Wayne - A Milli (2008)

Ratatat - LP3 (2008)

I'm stunned that this isn't on the blog. Or any Ratatat for that matter.
(could be because most people have it...)
anywho, Ratatat's sound is one of the few examples of electronica and rock brought together that works. A well layered mashup of addictive beats, catchy synth, and heavily distorted guitar. Worth a listen, if you're into MDMA.

Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan - Pullhair Rubeye (2007)

"The album is based on the live set Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan played during their shows in 2006 in the US and Iceland, but was released with the songs played backwards. According to Portner, the couple took this decision at 21st of December in 2006 as a result of "a combination of being stuck in NYC for Christmas and seeing that new David Lynch movie", meaning Inland Empire." so weird they're gonna have weird kids.

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So So Modern - Crude Futures (2010)

someone asked for this a couple days ago, never heard of it so i checked it out. some tracks on this are really good, some are ok. so requestbro i hope you haven't got it yet, enjoy.

Boxcutter - Arecibo Message (2009)


Arecibo Message picks up where 2007’s Glyphic left off. Lynn continues to channel certain dubstep motifs into sweeping excursions that touch on hyper-intelligent forms of house, breaks, hip-hop, electro, and jungle. No matter how easy it may be to dance to, how many somewhat typical club sounds and moderately cheesy vocals enter the fray, the results are unerringly IDM.

Tuareg Geeks - Gaggeo de Golosinas (2009)

"Playful, but pounding gabba/breaks hardcore with lunar-fi ambient/IDM momemnts, from MEXICO's duo TUAREG GEEKS. Around since 2002, they have released previous CDs on BEERGUT RECORDINGS, and DIGITAL HARDCORE LTD and now give us these 8 tracks of zany excellence." -

latest album from mexico's TG. this a friend's band so everyone get it. don't be a dick.