Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep (1994)

trick or treat! this surprisingly slept on album birthed the horrorcore rap genre, and features beats by Prince Paul, and on the mic are The Rzarector (aka RZA, duh), Grym Reaper (aka Poetic, RIP), and The Gatekeeper (aka Frukwan, from Stetsasonic). it's pretty fucking dope, basically, and you should get it to scare little kids and their yuppie ass parents. oh, and it seems important to mention that the original planned album title was Niggamortis...

Happy Halloween


Since the orignal album was such a hit with you guys, I figured it couldn't hurt to upload the remixes. Features tracks from Junior Boys, Gold Panda, Fuck Buttons, Altrice and others.


Yusef Lateef - Eastern Sounds (1961)

Alot of people enjoyed the recent Alice Coltrane and Coleman Hawkins posts: this shares elements of the two, so if you enjoyed those, sit tight...

This collection of sounds features saxophonist Yusef Lateef's exploration of several genres of Eastern music. Distinct hints of Indian, Chinese and Persian influence are explored, distinguishable by his choice of scales and rhythms. He also incorporates instruments of these regions - the first track features a Chinese xun flute, and later tracks incorporate the Middle Eastern stringed Rabaab. But you can still hear the jazz, thanks to a heavy bop quartet.

Dig it.

The Durutti Column - LC (1981)

The Durutti Column - LC (1981)
the durutti column was/is a post punk-y kinda band from england. this seems to be their most well known/critically acclaimed album, it's the only one i've heard, i like it a lot it's different to post punk really, like it's not really post punk i feel. it seems maybe like ambient pop or something. i think they were associated with the hacienda/the factory records or whatever, he was in 24 hour party people anyway.

track 3, because it is apparently borken

Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - Real Emotional Trash (2008)

The most recent album from the former Pavement frontman.

From the opening bar, this is heavy burning rock. Stephen leads the way with quirky lyrics and fuzzy, distorted and doubled guitar lines. And close behind are keys, bass, and - courtesy of Sleater-Kinney's Janet Weiss - some seriously solid drums.

Hot. Fun. Silly. Rock out.

The Locust - The Peel Sessions (2010)

Peel Session from grindcore vets The Locust. mostly songs from their pre-2004 discography, including excellent versions of Moth-Eaten Deer Head and Stucco Obelisks Labeled As Trees, with typically super-tight live performances - attempted murder disguised as a rock show. it's extremely well recorded, too, with obscene synths and great stereo separation.

Twenty-Three Lubed-Up Schizophrenics with Delusions of Grandeur

The Slits - Cut (1979)

RIP to Ari Up from the seminal (ovarial?) British punk outfit, The Slits, who just passed. bummer because they had just started making new music again, and Ari still had IT. check this, their debut, for some funky ramshackle first gen art/dub/fem punk (and maybe the best Motown cover ever recorded).

Return of the Giant Slits is really good, too

They Mean Us - For the Stereo Impaired (2010)

A south Texas treasure, They Mean Us create memorably melodic jams that simultaneously flow beautifully and still maintain intricacy, kinetic power, and percussive dazzle. Their use of cello and keyboards expand the aural pleasure thricefoldishly, and this new effort is just as good as their first record. Very recommended stuff.


Neon Neon - Stainless Style (2008)

Neon Neon - Stainless Style (2008)
neon neon is (was?) a collab. between boom bip who is a producer of hip hop or electronic music or something and the main guy from super furry animals. it sounds nothing like super furry animals and i've never heard anything by boom bip. it's supposed to be a kind of concept album about the life of the delorean guy but to me it sounds like what should be the soundtrack to american psycho. it reminds me of yuppie culture the same way hip hop is like gangster culture and country is like hillbilly culture. it's really interesting to listen to, in my opinion, as well as really nice to listen to. guests include spank rock, yo majesty, har mar superstar and some other people.

Grimes - Halfaxa (2O1O)

i love this stuff and you will love it too. the vocals are beautiful, the percussion and synths perfect and everything just sort of floats in a sea of light reverb. this is so relaxing and pretty like whoa.

Deathday Party - Ghost Pains (2k10)

after months of ignoring every mail i got from bands i decided to check some of them out today and found these guys from LA. they are a cool and interesting, dark synth-heavy and experimetal trio. i'm still listening as i'm writing this but so far tracks 'sister' and 'cold room' are absolutely amazing. they say they've been playing aorund LA with former ghosts, TEARIST and helped out on blessure grave for a while so if you weren't interested these references will def make you want to listen to this.

PS. 'blood on a summer' is FUCKING FANTASTIC. loving this.

Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble - Dreams (2002)

what do you get when the Japanese noise/avant godfather enlists his buddies to perform in a New Jazz Ensemble? well, not jazz - not too many jazz acts are packing sine wave generators. instead you get striking avant-garde SONGS, you know, with verses and choruses and everything (in Japanese!). you get euphoric melodies, elegant harmonies, spacious production, and tastefully restrained playing. you get lovely pop ballads from an alternate dimension. but mostly, you get proof that experimental music doesn't have to be stuffy, boring, or pretentious - it can be accessible and fun and charming and enigmatic and oh so beautiful.

rec'd. got it?

and just in case you question their noise bona fides, the last track is a spasmatic 4-minute sustained explosion that would make the Mars Volta (or John Zorn) blush. you know, just 'cause.

Speedometer - Diggin Deeper (2006)

Pure funk.

All killer, no filler. Burning song after burning song. Totally instrumental. Tight musicianship. Not that it matters, but it's my favorite album to cook to. Overall, a must have for funk lovers.

I got up this morning just to get down.

Various - Project Blowed (1994)

this compilation is like the No New York of the LA underground hip-hop scene circa '94, documenting a time when local legend emcees were cutting their teeth and earning their cred at open mics at the Good Life Cafe and in Leimert Park. experimentation is the name of the game, from 10-man posse ciphers and sex-rap to spoken word griot storytelling and militant black feminism, all planting the seeds for the next 10 years of west coast boom bap. it's no exaggeration to say that every west coast rapper, beatmaker, and graf crew owes a debt or has ties to Blowed - Anticon, Shapeshifters/Chainsmokers, Brainfeeder... and they know it.

it all started HERE

Citay - Dream Get Together (2010)

Hello folks. I realize this is a bit of a late post, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Citay is a psychedelic folk outfit. Most of the music is instrumental, but there are intermittent vocals. Good vibrations abound.

& Comment

Avey Tare - Down There (2010)

avey tare has made a very good album for sure. melodies are superb, and we can see just how good this sounds. music is just awesome and definitely on the mellow side, not super energized like when he and pals get together. now, while this might sound bad, it's not at all, but if you are looking for another animal collective record, keep looking. just as good music as person pitch. probably wont be here long, either.

The Microphones - It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water (2000)

this album was the predecessor to "the glow" pt. 2 and is just as strong as that album. the instrumentals that sometimes dominate the sound are pulled off nothing short of exceptionally. really good music which phil elverum just manages to make and blend together in such a great manner. as always, really, really good production, and headphones are also recommended for bonus listening orgasms.

Cursive - The Ugly Organ (2003)

oldie goodie by band cursive, this album is surprisingly good for falling in the descriptive footsteps of "post hardcore" bands. though it certainly borrows from it, it is not defined by it. emotion filled album with amazing energy, give it a listen.

Fire On Fire - The Orchard (2008)

from the likes of cerberus shoal comes the new project, fire on fire. this band is made of some of the most talented people to make music recently, and certainly makes for a fantastic listen. a little bit like fleet foxes, maybe, but certainly more interesting. psych-folky greatness.

Ugly Casanova - Sharpen Your Teeth (2002)

boy, have we had a slow time or what. alright chumps and chumpettes, here is an album which is hard to describe and categorize. a really good somewhat experimental folk pop album which manages to have some features which i have honestly not heard in other music often, if at all. really good, so go ahead and download.

CLOUDKICKER interview this Saturday

CLOUDKICKER interview this Saturday
Hello all you people that also fucking love music! I've got a very special announcement for all of you who enjoyed my post about Cloudkicker last week. I will be interviewing Ben Sharp (the dude with a day job that makes all of that wonderful music) this Saturday on my radio show. Ben will be joining me in the studio to chat about the new album, what the internet means for music, his wide variety of influences (he'll be choosing songs to play), and more.

The interview will be taking place Saturday evening at 9:30pm EST. I will be posting the streaming link in an IRC chatroom, where you can also ask questions and either have them answered on air or in the chatroom (where I will be serving as the middleman).

Instructions for the chatoom:
1) Go to Mibbit
2) Click server, and in the dialogue box, type
3) Nick is whatever you want your name to be. Channel is cloudkicker.

That's it! I'll be idling in the channel under the name Alex_wflm from now until the interview ends tomorrow night. See you there!

Wanda Jackson - Queen of Rockabilly (2000)

A greatest hits collection from the 'nice lady with the nasty voice'.

Her music is the epitome of rockabilly, meaning lots of twangy, reverb-heavy guitar, solid bass and some serious shuffles on the drums. What I love most about this collection, though, are her two complete departures from this - "Funnel of Love" and Sticks and Stones" each channel something very different - which are worth downloading the whole album for.

And fuck, her voice. Girtty and sexy as shit. (Particularly on those two tracks.)

Rock and roll.

(And my apologies for the shitty bit-rate. I used to think the poor quality kind of lent itself to her music, but... if you disagree, you can find alot of these tunes on iTunes for cheap.)

Vincent Gallo - When (2001)

yep, Vincent Gallo the actor. surprise, this album is really quite good - quiet and gentle and folksie, but not in the Sufjan Stevens garbage sort of way. every track is an unobtrusive slow jam, even the vaguely trip-hoppy interludes. it's moody and sexy and seductive, perfect for curling up with on a blustery fall evening.

Gallo man-seed sold separately

Gérard Grisey - Les Espaces Acoustiques (1999)

instructions for use:
1. download/import
2. crank stereo to 11
3. play track 3
4. INCEPTION (seriously.)

this French fuck was a gangster. a quote: "we are musicians and our model is sound not literature, sound not mathematics, sound not theatre, visual arts, quantum physics, geology, astrology or acupuncture." eat a dick, nerd alert!

basically this suite of pieces is the manifesto of the Spectralist school and was written sequentially between 1974 and 1985, but flows as a gapless album. it's like an encyclopaedia of sound as it builds from a solo viola (skip track 1 on your first listen, trust me) to an orchestra of well over 60 players through its course. beyond all that, it's one of the most mind-blowing things ever committed to vinyl, has richer harmonies than anything ever written EVER, is noisier than Horse Rotorvator, and will probably still sound fresh in 2110. also, it's important (and amazing) to note that there are no effects used here at all - this was recorded live in a single take with no overdubs.

Hans Zimmer WHAT THE FUCK, dude... at least you have good taste

also, it's symphony season out there, folks! i mean it's football season, too, but aren't you tired of the Pats whooping on your squad all the time anyways? class it up and impress your girl with a trip to the orchestra, and i guarantee at least a blowie (if you're a girl, impress your man with a trip to the Spearmint Rhino... and a blowie). if you live near NYC, Grisey's Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil is playing Nov 19/20 and tix are less than $20. see that shit in person you won't regret it, and be the first person on the planet to see the premiere of Magnus Lindberg's new shit, too. +10 hipster cred.