Autre Ne Veut - Autre Ne Veut (2010)

Autre Ne Veut - Autre Ne Veut (2010)

Some true future RnB. Autre Ne Veut (one guy) takes a familiar genre and completely fucks with it. "It's like watching a casual magic trick" except it's so damned good that calling it a "trick" would just be mean. Essential listening.

02 OMG
04 Two Days of Rain
05 Drama Cum Drama

V/A - GS I Love You: Japanese Garage Bands of the 1960s (1993)

This collection of Japanese garage features a mix of some great originals and some great Western covers ('I Saw Her Standing There' and 'Long Tall Sally' are hilarious), and all the tracks share an intense raw energy.


Woodhands - Remorsecapade (2010)

Some very hefty electronica. It's worth downloading solely for 'Coolchazine', a dance track so heavy it borders on hardcore. Perfect for those looking to bid an ass-kicking, middle-fingered good riddance to 2010.

(Also this is the deluxe, so if you've already heard it, pick this up and enjoy 6 remix and alternate tracks. )

Get remorseful

Octave Mouret - Oh, Mouret (2010)

Octave Mouret - Oh, Mouret (2010)

Another submission by a reader! I love the notion that this community can become something of a node, a hive-mind, where we share influences and our own output with others.

these tracks have a rather low signal-to-noise ratio. In my book, that's often a good thing. There's something about teasing out the glint of a shimmering tone coming at you through a sandstorm, or listening breath-held for the pulse of a liminal beat, like imagining your own heartbeat while caught in a riptide. Such listening experiences are often much easier for me- many things are there for the careful listener, but no one element reaches out and slaps your face, as is the experience when listening to a lot of modern music.

P.S. I didn't post for a while. my b.

Hype Williams - Untitled (2010)

Hype Williams - Untitled (2010)

This is hip hop without the beats. This is pop without the singing or dancing. This is dubstep without the dub or the step. This is witch house without the incessant noise and hiss. This is rock without the glam, or the vocals. This is classical, but with synths. I think you get the point now. Hype Williams is everyone and no one all at the same time. it's from London and Berlin, 2x! Unclassifiable. Sounds like the soundtrack to the films we grew up watching, ALL OF THEM (60s/70s/80s/90s/00s/10s/xxs)!!!

Xmas Live Music Megapost 2010!

6 geese a-laying's worth of live albums to unzip for Christmas. a few family-friendly releases for when you're home for the holidays, and some more aggro shit for getting eggnogged with your uncles. merry Xmas WFLM.

Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico - Le Bataclan '72 (1972)

heavily bootlegged Reed, Cale, and Nico gig in Paris, their first performance together post-Velvet Underground. all acoustic set features tag-team versions of songs from the early VU discography and first round of solo albums.


B. Dizzle - Live 1966 (1998)

infamous "Royal Albert Hall" show (actually recorded at Manchester's Free Trade Hall) features 2 full sets, 1 acoustic and 1 plugged in. superior performances - better than the studio versions i think, especially the very nasty electric stuff. really the only Bob you need.


Sam Cooke - Live at the Harlem Square Club (1963)

Sam Cooke? live in a small, rowdy, whorehouse-adjacent club? yes, please. great crowd - basically just a super awesome sing-a-long/dance party. "one of the greatest soul records ever cut by anybody." don't fight the feeling, baby!


Patti Smith & Kevin Shields - The Coral Sea (2008)

punk icon Smith teams with My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields for a tribute to photographer Robert Mapplethorpe - spoken word over MBV textures. unsettling as a kay jeweler's ad.


Botch - 061502 (2006)

Botch! absolutely out of control recording of their last show ever. features a cover of the B-52's Rock Lobster. also available on DVD.


Misty in Roots - Live at the Counter Eurovision '79 (1979)

rare-ish set from the golden age of dub, recorded in Brussel's at Counter-Eurovision '79. fabulous sound quality. for those not dub/roots reggae inclined, still give this a shot - one of John Peel's all time favorite records. Jah!


V/A/anticon. records - Bomarr Monk's Xmas Podcast (2006)

update 1 - i know a lot of you read the comments, but for those who don't, the guy who made the mix posted this: thanks for posting! i just released volume 5 last week! you can get all five volumes here: (btw...i follow your blog, so it was a nice surprise to see that you posted one of my xmas mixes)
so that's cool, check it out.
update 2 - if you're jonesing for more weird christmas shit, ofwgkta has a christmas track feat. hodgy beats earl sweatshirt and tyler, the creator up at their website.

i got this maybe 2 christmas' ago and it's still probably the best mix of that theme i've heard. iy has like hip hop and just weird stuff and even a couple of classics, if you're looking for something holiday themed but you don't wanna hear the same things over and over again, get this.
official description - The second annual Christmas mix from The Bomarr Monk (Restiform Bodies). Over 50 minutes of unusual Christmas music featuring Audio Two, Hasil Adkins, Erlend Øye, Mi and L'au, Kurtis Blow, Nick Stone, Wayne Butane, Paska and more

Brooklyn Rider - Dominant Curve (2010)

A great album from a genre-bending string quartet. 'Dominant Curve' brings several works together: some original compositions, some guest compositions, a piece by John Cage, and a seriously wonderful reinterpretation of Debussy's 'String Quartet in G Minor, Op. 10', perhaps the album's highlight. The whole thing has a warm and lush sound, and is a lovely listen for a cold winter evening.

Thanks to Paul for the heads up on this! And: enjoy.

DJ T. - Fabric 51 (2010)

my favorite Fabric mix of 2010, slow-building minimal house grooves provided by DJ T. sounds like the lovechild of Trentemoller, Four Tet, and Erlend Oye (circa Unrest).

and i like the cover

Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady (1963)

the god-like Mingus's most introspective album, so personal that he co-wrote the amazing liner notes with his psychotherapist. a dark, spiraling maelstrom of searing swing, more soulful than bluesy - so wretched and lonesome that i can't imagine listening to it during daylight hours. still the most innovatively mixed/orchestrated jazz record to date, and Charlie Mariano's alto work is killer. a musical high water mark.

"Last and least is me. Mingus. I wrote the music for dancing and listening... Crazy? They'd never get out of the observation ward at Bellevue."


Now that I'm back from vacation, I'm going to start uploading a bunch of albums I've collected over the past few weeks-
starting of with Console-the electronic project of The Notwist's Martin Gretschmann, with vocalist Miriam Osterrieder. A mix of dreamy club tracks & layered ambient sounds.


Karkwa - Les Chemins de Verre (2010)

This album won the latest Polaris Music Prize, effectively labelling it the best album in Canada this year. The first francophone band to do so, they have a lush sound with edge where it counts. If you dug the Land of Talk post, you'll really feel this. The album's namesake is a killer track to start with.


Kirameki - Exercises In Style (2008)

Kirameki - Exercises In Style (2008)
i don't really know anything about kirameki, but i know i like this album. it was released in 08 on 'rack and ruin records', i guess that's like an internet label or something i think you can download anything you want from their site for free, i'll link you there in a minute don't stress. this album is like noisy shit and stuff, there are a lot of reviews on the link if you wanna find out more.

The Ventures - Live in Japan '65 (1965)

The Ventures have the odd distinction of outselling the Beatles in Japan - pretty good for an instrumental "surf rock" band. but they're more than surf, arranging everything from pop to jazz to Brahms, and playing it all with sick chops and proto-punk intensity. the guitars are all twangy brilliance, but the rhythm section is in perpetual beast mode - check the hard charging (and my personal fav) version of House of the Rising Sun; and the closer, a furious 10 min romp through Duke Ellington's Caravan that features one of the more kickass drum solos you'll ever hear.

use the iTunes R&B eq preset for extra thump. you can thank me later

Tucker Martine - Broken Hearted Dragonflies: Insect Electronica from Southeast Asia (2004)

this really isn't even music, so there's that... but this is just too bizarre not to share. these are field recordings of MASSIVE insect swarms captured in the jungles of southeast asia. shit sounds like scenes from an alien planet, ufos powering up and taking flight, weird analog synths/arpeggiators; the titles are self explanatory - "Morning Fanfare", "Particle Swarm Intelligence", "Brood X". so yeah.

get your flyswatter

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops (2002-2003)

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops (2002-2003)

Melancholic compositions, dreamy loops, hazy drones, broken sounds, ambient moans... These all describe William Basinksi's beautiful Disintegration Loop series. The entire set lasts about 4 hours so don't expect a complete listening in just one sitting. Additionally, this is the kind of music that can be revisited over and over again because I promise you, it will sound a bit different on every single listen. You can hear the "tape-to-digital-transfer" process as each track slowly begins to dissipate and expire by the 3/4 mark.

Beat Dimensions 1/Beat Dimensions 2 (2007/2009)

Beat Dimensions 1/Beat Dimensions 2 (2007/2009)
Beat Dimensions 1 (Dlx) (Dig)
Beat Dimensions 2

The beat scene is growing and this means that it has become increasingly hard to keep up with new artists and independent releases. This is why Cinnaman and Jay Scarlett teamed up to create the unique Beat Dimensions series, aimed at showcasing both upcoming and established artists' latest beat productions. The sheer amount of talent on these two releases alone is a testament to the scene's incredible breadth of musicianship. Don't sleep!

Endless Endless Endless - Black Talisman (2009)

psychedelic 8-bit ambient music with guitars and occasional vocals. here are more words to assure you it's not shit.

Tony Allen & Jimi Tenor - Inspiration Information, Vol. 4 (2009)

4th installment of Strut Records' Inspiration Information series, which brought us the incredible Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics (Vol. 3) LP last year. the collaborators on this set are Afrobeat drumming deity Tony Allen (Fela Kuti, Good/Bad/Queen) and Finnish oddball Jimi Tenor. needless to say, the grooves are out of control - Allen hasn't lost a step; i don't know much about Jimi Tenor, but his contributions are awesome enough for me to check out his back catalog. the band is loose and the horns are fantastic, but the rhythms and a joyous undercurrent dominate the proceedings. blasphemy, i know, but this might be just as good as Vol. 3.

it'll keep you dancing through the winter

Black Swan - In 8 Movements (2010)

Black Swan's debut.

This record sounds best when played in its entirety, seriously. It's just a little over 30 minutes long and it is damn good. Drone and modern classical fucks with tape hiss and analogue recording technology. Imagine something from LVNG RCRDS x Philip Glass. Or Brainfeeder x Triangle Records.

Vinyl officially drops December 14 so cop it for $15 or download it so you can have a bomb-ass listening party... or you can pretend you're in some fucked up Aronofsky/Lynch film, I don't care. For fans of William Basinski.

Makes it on my Best of 2010 list.

Disclaimer: This is not the OST for the film of the same name, someone else can post that if people really want it... This is Black Swan's debut.

EDIT: A few have expressed interest in purchasing the vinyl of this release. I hear the vinyl has 2 extra tracks, not featured on the digital release so (!!!!!!!). Purchase either directly from the artist or straight from the label. Your choice really.


Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'echafaud (1958)

complete sessions from Miles' only film score, from the French noir masterpiece "Elevator to the Gallows".

featuring "the loneliest trumpet sound you will ever hear... hear it and weep"

Carlos Kleiber - Beethoven Symphonies Nos. 5 & 7 (2010)

these symphonies are excerpts from another Best of 2010 release, the 12-CD box set Carlos Kleiber: Complete Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon.

you may already have these 2 symphonies, but the difference here is Kleiber, quite possibly the greatest conductor to ever walk the planet - a genius and recluse who turned down nearly every prestigious post in musicdom, didn't own a phone, and never did an interview. he rarely gigged (unless he wanted a tricked out Audi A8), and recorded even less than that. so this box set is quite a treat, featuring symphonies by Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, and full operas by Strauss II (Die Fledermaus), Verdi (La Traviata), Wagner (Tristan), and Weber (Der Freischutz). these are all definitive performances, perhaps the best on record, and the whole 12-CD set can be had for a steal at USD$35. if you like this sort of thing, it's an essential purchase.

Kleiber's Beethoven 5 & 7
buy the box set from Amazon
buy the DVD from Amazon or watch the madman at work on YouTube

Volcano the Bear - Classic Erasmus Fusion (2006)

forget anything you have heard before, here is volcano the bear. with an overall idea in mind when playing songs(whether live or studio) of just making music regardless of form, they are one of the very last bands with the balls to do so. with droneish landscapes that turn into psychedelic frenzies, and folkish sounds that seem as if they were derived from serbia/bulgaria/greatmotherlandrussia, classic erasmus fusion is a trip of its own. really cool release and most definitely one of the most interesting things that was released this past decade. very similar to sun city girls and cerberus shoal, if only in approach. trust me, you have never and will never hear anything like this again. and for some reason they have also been compared to no neck blues band, jackie-o motherfucker, etc.

Fancy Mike - Madison Square Gardner (2010)

Fancy Mike - Madison Square Gardner (2010)

Here’s a release to be grabbing people… Madison Square Gardner is the first release on new Canadian experimental/electronic beat label King Deluxe, and it’s by a chap with a slightly effeminate name: Fancy Mike. Sub-Heavy Glitch Hop and synth-led post dubstep are the order of the day here… There are 8 tracks and one that stands out is Lazer Opera – a crunching glitch riddim that is straddled by an almost Depeche Mode-esque synth line with enough sub-bass to shake the filters out of your cigarettes. Other tracks bring in choppy, atmospheric soul samples and reflective electronic atmospherics. There are a ton of different influences on this EP, but the central groove remains intact. Strong stuff.

Apparently, he is also buddies with Lorn [Brainfeeder] who had this to say about the music:
"Keep making music. I don't know why you wouldn't. Again, the shit is rad."

Lettuce - Rage! (2007)

thought you had heard all there was from funk? well guess what the fucks up; lettuce has made a more than promising attempt at funk and not only succeeded at it, but they flourished and perhaps even "brought it back". including a cover of curtis mayfield's move on up, that should give you enough insight into what this album includes, because their own songs hold their own against classics such as the one mentioned, and can sound completely timeless, as well as lost in time(trying out my post-modern poetry here). comments are welcome, and comments about the music are welcome too.

Think Twice - Rock To This Beat (2008)

2008 was just full of great releases wasn't it? anyway, as i'm sure some of you might have seen this around elsewhere, it just needs to be posted because of one simple thing; this album is fucking amazing. think twice is one of the best hip-hop producers i have ever had the pleasures of listening to. his tracks have flawless delivery and leave enough space for the always featuring mcs to breathe and not to drown out the beats. such ample production makes for some hazy yet smooth and surreal tracks, bringing back elements that had not been seen for a while at the time. and fuck, there is even guitar work(though it is partly sampled) super super duper recommended.

Mikah 9 - Timetable (2001)

one of the best hip hop/jazz//awesomely experimental albums of the previous decade, timetable is a blast of some of the best made music by the freestyle fellowship founder mikah(myka) 9. apprently this was before he changed his name to myka, so i have changed the tags as such, but the title here is spelled as if from the past. seriously fun tracks that undertake on straight-up swing, as in no samples, but still keeping in and using the other equally balanced part of this album. similar to, madvillain, the natural yogurt band; seriously good. includes a bunch of radio fresstyles, and some live collections as well.

Fine China Superbone - How Long Is A Chinese (2002)

if there was ever a band that fell under the "screamo/hardcore" category that was worth listening to, its this one. fince china superbone throw in elements of psychedelic stoner rock as well and not only pull it off but show it off elegantly. also, sadly this vocalist is no longer with them. download for sure.

We Insist ! - Oh! Things Are So Corruptible (2008)

interesting music based on guitars is rarely made now-a-days, and people trying to get away with non creative pop-tunes have drowned out the bands that were just having fun without regurgitating too much. we insist !, however, have managed to make some of the more intense music that i have heard for a while, really. music full of math-rocky structures and vocals that do not bother and fit perfectly. a little bit heavy and never not enjoyable. emotional tug-hearting melodies are also lush and not overly crafted. instrumentation is kept interesting and not overly donel; its not just guitars/drums/bass, for the most part, think seven that spells. comments are welcome.

Les Mémoires de l'Oeil - Les Memoires de l'Oeil et Autres Paralleles et Antecedents (2008)

les mèmoires de l'oeil(roughly translated to the memoirs of the eye) is an duo consisting of two very able guitar players. acoustic work, the guitar playing is just impeccable and the composition just surpasses any contemporaries that might be on the same ground as these guys. not to say that the creativity on some of the songs is just spectacular, lots of fun experiments. comment pl0x.


Group Doueh - Guitar Music From The Western Sahara (2007)

as the title suggests, this is guitar music from the western sahara. this, however, is not your typical "foreign man than can play guitar really kool" album, in fact this blows any of those cheap, u.s. curious money fishbait albums that have been released before it. now with a second lp floating around, they have established themselves as a strong musical force if not flavored by the sahara. oh, and comment?

Suburban Lawns - Suburban Lawns (1981)

quircky, noisy, catchy and funny new wave music from the early 80s. what a saviour these guys turned out to be for the whole genre, as they had to make up for a lot of what became lousy tv new wave. download, and please tell us how much we suck in the comments.