Condom - Live in NYC [2012]

Condom - Live in NYC [2012]
Condom is composed of two (Swedish? that may be a lie) dudes, Covox and Random. Together they are Condom. This recording is of a one-time collaboration between the two in New York.
The hard-driving chiptune beats are very much reminiscent of the minimal, but melodic, sound of daft punk, though it remains much more hard-techno in its use of abraisive synths and pounding drums.
In between each track are interludes musing on the nature of condoms--much more interesting than one might imagine.

Free bandcamp download

The Soft Greens - Ceiling EP (2011)

The Soft Greens - Ceiling EP (2011)

from conor mackey of excellent twiddly guitar-pop band loose lips sink ships, these tracks turn on a dime from knotty beats to bassoon interludes. alternately airy and gnarly. my fiancee calls it frantic, but I disagree. two free EPs for download on his bandcamp. I'm behind my work's filter, can't mediafire, sorry.

it is also worth noting that loose lips sink ships has released a great live recording including both new and old material.

Chumbawamba - Showbusiness! [1995]

Chumbawamba is, unfortunately, best known for their one big hit, "Tub Thumping". Anyways, this impressively-slick live album should give a better perspective on this band of British anarchists. Extremely politically charged, the band's new wave punk discusses gender roles, anarchism, Live Aid, and right wing movements, and never once seems to be sacrificing musical quality for lyrics. Gotta love that sort of integration.
The performance is so very tight that I find myself forgetting it is a live album, except for the moments when the cheering crowd is audible. Synth pads, driving bass, distorted guitars, male-female vocals, and amazingly together percussion makes this album an exhilarating ride.