Vinyl Williams - Lemniscate (2011)

this is one of my undercover records of 2011. actually, it reminds me quite a bit of Radiohead, especially the bass playing, but the musical reference points aren't quite the same. whereas RH crib influences from contemporary artists to shore up their sound (the Tarantinos of pop music), VW builds from the ground up, so the songs are a bit more organic and cohesive and somehow end up sounding fresher than KoL despite the absence of wobbly stuff. nothing sounds forced or uncomfortable and there's a luscious haze to everything, making for a really smooth listen that you can vibe to anytime, like if Wavves just chilled the fuck out for a second.

brooklyn dinner party music

Marc-André Dalbavié - par l'Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo (2009)

Dalbavié studied with Boulez, but his shit is more in the Messiaen/ Scelsi/spectralist mold. i actually haven't heard his chamber works but his orchestral music reminds me a lot of Toshio Hosokawa's, which is a good thing. he seems to be a very patient composer; the fat, long-lasting chords don't modulate so much as they erode, filtered through other harmonic/textural/spatial ideas that may either change the complexion of the entire narrative or be nothing more than musical red herrings. and i have't mentioned the "melodies," not because they aren't good but rather because they just seem to emerge from within the other elements, as if to say like duh what other melody would be here? at times i find it subtly complex, and at others deceptively simple, probably a sign that this dude knows what he's doing. truly elegant and intuitive constructions.

it's those damned French again

also, check out this vimeo bit that visually maps out his piece "Color" (his best, i think), so you can literally see what kind of cool shit Dalbavié's doing. don't even need to be able to read music, it's pretty neat-o.

HudMo X Lunice - TNGHT EP (2012)

maybe i've just been sleeping on his more recent stuff, but i've personally never heard Hudmo go this hard before. maybe Lu has something to do with it. everything just thumps and booms, not exactly subtle; these are some serious, bass-heavy bangers that get necks snapping in even the most jaded of clubs. track 3, just... dayum.


Christian Marclay & Otomo Yoshihide - Moving Parts (2000)

was really excited to pick this vinyl up. you might recognize the name Christian Marclay from his recent award-winning video installation "The Clock," which is probably the first universally-acclaimed artwork since that dumb fucking Damien Hirst shark-in-a-vat-of-formaldehyde (i like Cornelia Parker, Hanging Fire bitch). and you might recognize the name Otomo Yoshihide because he's a fucking boss and you should.

this record should make you mad because it came out in 2000. 2 dudes on turntables and 12 goddamn years ago and there's not much music that has come close to being as smart or entertaining since, and that's a real fucking bummer. track 1 is a 90's style intro and 8-9 are really hard avant, while closer "Distant Trip" is on some straight Twin Peaks/Badalamenti shit. tracks 2-7 have the most current references, so you should hear those in a highly rewarding 37-min block. but i mean listen to "Deep Down Under" and tell me you've heard something substantially better recently. young musicians get to work, it's getting fucking embarrassing.


Ratchet Set - Ratchet Ass Tracks (2012)

i feel like a younger version of me would probably find this shit deplorably wack. but the 2012 version of me has absolutely no problem bumping this in my ride, rocking snapbacks, and going to HamOnEverything parties. shout-out to my dick

lesbians are slutty/they fuckin' fo' that money

Ratchet soundcloud

Villages - Stockholm (2012)

rip of an awesome ambient/avant tape from N. Carolina instrumentalist/ dubfuckupper Villages. the first two tracks are based on simply shifting chord progressions, latching onto a key area and meandering until they exhaust themselves before moving to the next set of ideas. the third track is initially structured around a psychedelic melodic figure that gradually dissipates into a blissful sea of luscious harmonies, spare but oddly beautiful, like an ugly girl with a crooked smile.

cold blooded