Ivan Wyschnegradsky - Etude Sur Les Mouvements Rotatoires, 24 Préludes (2002)

Wyschnegradsky was one of the more revolutionary microtonal composers of his time. Instead of using the "other" 12 notes in the 24 tone scale as some sort of embellishment, he built his compositions by integrating the entirety of the scale into the very framework of his music. The result is a truly striking and memorable journey into the hyperchromatic, a collection of desolate and emotionally charged vignettes for those lil' baby intervals.

It's solo piano btw

Chuck Person - Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1 (2010)

Chuck Person, yet another of Daniel Lopatin's aliases (think Oneohtrix Point Never), creates a hazy and hyper-repetitive mix from the superficial and background music of our everyday lives. The sounds of the exterior are brought to the forefront and presented as the final focus, a weird and potentially thought provoking exercise. These aren't jams, no matter how catchy they might be; these are what's left over after the music stops, and your mind's ears are left to take over for the silence.

That hook from that one song that you heard that once somewhere? Yeah, this is that.

be real, it doesnt matter anyway

Katie Gately - Katie Gately (2013)

Gately fills a niche here that I don't think most of us even realized we were missing. Bending acousmatic sounds and her ethereal voice into warped and spacious vignettes that both intrigue and appeal to our most primal pop sensibilities, this S/T is a certain winner.