Marc-André Hamelin - Roslavets' Piano Music

Roslavets is occasionally referred to as the "Russian Schoenberg," an entirely ill fitting comparison in my opinion. Whereas Schoenberg's work often (but not always) sounds cold and mathematical, Roslavets' has a certain lifeblood coursing through its veins, something that can't be faked or imitated. The atmosphere is often tense, with sputters of notes coming and disappearing just as quickly, and an often seemingly illogical composition style, that only presents itself upon closer listening. While certainly not traditionally tonal, these pieces are not lacking in emotion or excitement. Marc-André Hamelin doesn't always play with much gusto, but it is satisfying enough, especially considering the source material, and at points he really brings everything to light.



Ironing Board Sam's Tenth

Ironing Board Sam is an old school blues and rock musician, with his music bordering on psychedelic  His name comes from his homemade keyboard, which goddamn, he really shreds on. I don't normally post kickstarters, but here's one that absolutely deserves your attention.

This documentary, made by the inestimable film-maker Tom Ciaburri (maker of my favorite ads for Cathead Vodka (fuck you, I am not selling out right here!)).

Anyways, to support this amazing musician and to see some clips from the upcoming film (I've seen a rough cut; it's fantastic!), hit up the kickstarter page here.

Matinee Slim and the Ultralight Orchestra - Sugarcane (2006)

For an all too brief time in my little hometown, these guys were supreme. Super tight, super talented and handsome men, playing lyrically over-the-top, hyper-sexual funk music. Highlights on this one are 'Sweet Tooth', 'Stop' and my fave, 'Cliche Guevara'. The only stuff to play to seduce someone special, or maybe freak them out in the best way.

Give it a try here, or support them here or on the ol' iTunes.

Peace, love and cheeba.

DenMother - Insides Out (2012)

Heavy, sexy, percussive, ambient, moody, sultry, dark, awesome. That's all you need to know.

See for yourself below, or listen more and name your price here.