Hiatus Kayiote - Choose Your Weapon (2015)

oh my fucking god, can this band do no wrong? seems like ever since we bumped these guys way back they have just kept on blowing up. also, what a killer sleeve. cover of the year? nuanced, free-flowing, experimental, and absolutely lovely nu-jazz-nu-funk-space-soul music.

The Internet - Feel Good (2013)

ridiculously good and ridiculously overlooked album from 2013. some really good shit in similar vein to the much talked about hiatus kaiyote. so fucking good.

Sisyphus - Sisyphus (2014)

it always blew my mind that everyone slept on this album. you have sufjan, serengeti, and son lux together in one album and the result is fantastic, albeit a bit strange sometimes. but it's artsy as fuck, yo. i paid for it, so that should tell you something here. standout: rhythm of devotion

sloslylove - The Haunted (2014)

this guy is the shit. been following him since 2012. god damn, times goes fast doesn't it?

Pinkshinyultrablast - Everything Else Matters (2015)

just look at that cover. and yes, they did get their name from astrobrite's album. also, it's russian shoegaze-y dream pop. do i need to say anything else? it's great


Treasureseason - Julep EP (2014)

hey guys. it's been a while.
this is such a killer EP. i recommend this to everyone who even remotely enjoys synth heavy pop.